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Alone Forever

by  Novy123

Posted: Wednesday, April 29, 2020
Word Count: 427
Summary: The dramatic shock feeling of losing a lover.

Alone Forever
Longing there I am the other by your side, riding high, riding nearby you
Seen the Bayou of leaves dropping full
Suddenly at your side is a huge plant of tobacco leaves so full of the need
To be smoked, when cigarette or cigar replaces the place where your arm used to reach all the way around my shoulders
But I am with you is their whisper, crispy dark leaves
Grandeur is this folded sheets dreams of love lasting resides at the brilliant place at the back of one’s mind
A lover tossed back into the river to join the swirling path into the Thames
Meeting London’s routes
Rise hope they rise to, phone lines are switched
Laughter on your lips
These lips are yours alone, black, full, sucking, luxurious
Curious your eye searching for hope in cars
A glance of her, the lady on your pillows wet with sweat
An answer completely answered to be in this game
Laughter when the heart is wrenching
Your stories kept folded with clothes in a closet
Emotion setting in where the mind should meet
Instead of two fingers pressing for want
There is raised bread and a shot of whisky
No nagging, no bragging, no haggling
Just me alone wrapped in cotton sheets.