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but mostly just to remain sane

by  Sudget6

Posted: Saturday, November 23, 2019
Word Count: 178
Summary: my Style

Miss could you lie under this stand
We aren't scratching the words upon your lips
slips the line
Words juggle for acknowledge meant
to always means didn't
Scrabble Scrambled marbles
rambles ambles able
to change surreal
Sure real
Cant you feel i'm changing the
rules without a crown
Step across the line in the
sandcastles made of sea
See the stillness in the skin
the fake grin
the bruised chin
silence calms my din
g dong the witch is gone
I write of tears journey down the cheek
Of winds mournful speak
The look of love found and lost
Echo answers back
Can you hear me in the back
As i pulled the thorn from thumb
the blood with aura
sunlight split
spilled down the cupped hand
and as tongue licked
at life oil
the heated warmth of the seen
And think of winter sun
that breaks the shadow tree
and finger veins on ground
that twist and turn
against the burn
I write of pain that steals grief
but mostly just to remain sane