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Divine intervention

by  Practicer

Posted: Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Word Count: 589
Summary: For the Judgement flash fiction challenge.

Firstly, because he did not know what to do with his life, a client went to a tarot reader. The tarot reader told the client that he had the gift, he could look into the future. 
 The client got himself a deck of Tarot cards with an instruction manual. He memorised the meanings of the entire deck. When he had arrived at laying out spreads, he became terribly frustrated because he was stuck beyond the definition of the words of each card. He chucked the cards onto the floor. The Emperor fell face up. He didn´t think , but decided to find a tarot teacher. Now he became an apprentice. His Tarot teacher suggested he let  his focus flow onto the images, and let the words come.  The apprentice practiced during lessons, but felt he was no good. However, the Fool would pop out frequently. His tarot teacher would say
´ You´re not Aw- fool, try again´. 
Once, the Justice card fell out , Th apprentice felt that he had been Court- out .
The tarot teacher agreed and added. 
It Just- ice what it is, let it be . 
  Soon The apprentice was ready to start up as a practicing Tarot reader.  So he placed an advert in a newsagent, Tarot readings, for a small donation, call this number.
He was astonished when the next day his phone rang.   A lady required a tarot reading A.S.A.P.
When the practicing tarot reader awoke on the day of his first professional tarot reading, the Magician popped into his mind. The practicing Tarot reader, recalled that his Tarot teacher had said, the Magician compels you to be honest , use what you have got. However, The Hierophant also decided to turn up, indicating that the practicing tarot reader was prone to preaching and sermons. 
 Part of the practicing tarot readers preparations, was to wrap the deck in a silk cloth, which would also be used to lay the spreads upon.  With twenty minutes to go before his client arrived, he removed all the items off the dining table , he would use for the reading. The items consisted of magazines, books , and a vase with a red rose submerged in water. He put the magazines under the table, but the vase, he placed on the most convenient flat surface , which happened to be a window ledge. 
The clients Tarot reading was going smoothly, he answered questions covering all aspects of life. 
Just when he thought the reading was over, the window blew open. He got up to close it. 
´ Leave it ! ´, said the client , ´ I can feel it too´, she continued, as she put her right palm on top of the back of the practicing tarot readers hand. 
She then turned over a random card , it was Judgement. 
´ So what does it mean ? ´, she asked, looking disappointed. 
´Trial and error, perhaps, or you  have been weighing up your relationship with your soul mate. 
´Don´t you feel it too, the reason I have come here, waited all my life , for this moment´, she said 
´Woah!  I didn´t see that coming´, replied the tarot reader. 
´Turn that card over , the one closest to you´, she urged him. 
The practicing tarot reader, duly obliged. It was the card of the Lovers. 
In the middle of  the card, two figures were interlinked by  a rose, submerged in the water of life, or was it a heart. 
´It´s our destiny´, she gushed.