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Yes Re drafted; New title Tongue twister

by  Practicer

Posted: Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Word Count: 200
Summary: I felt like writing a drabble or micro fiction piece, as it is more of an anecdote than a plot. However, this anecdote eventually inspired me to study my Fathers Mother tongue. I found the re draft incredibly difficult. It almost feels like a limerick.

Robert spoke no German, his Grandmother, no English.
The evening meal was  Cold meats and sauerkraut.
Robert ate nothing. 
Robert begged his dad to say,  honey roll for breakfast.
His father wanted  a lye in.

´You  ask ´, Robert´s Dad said.
´Whats  honey roll in German?´,  said Robert.
 ´Say Ja, means yes ´ , said Dad.

Next morning , Robert went to the kitchen.
 Suddenly, his Grandmother spoke .
´ Ja!´ , replied Robert. 
Tears jumped from out of Robert´s eyes, when his Grandmother
showed him a plate of cold salmon.
Robert´s Grandmother never took no for an answer.

In a big house in Germany lived a lady who twisted her tongue. Robert understood only that he was her Grandson. Questions to answer made Robert  escape from the supper table. Sauerkraut or  red cabbage was a taste Robert would hate.  A piece of bread spread butter and honey upon his plate. A chocolate surprise egg  followed for a treat, to reward Robert for something healthier to eat.

Robert entered the kitchen to a mouthful  of his Grandmothers bite, but she had a long slice of cold fish against Robert´s wish when the tongue twister  said ´Esse´, Robert would vanish speechless.