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Nature. Human

by  Zettel

Posted: Monday, August 19, 2019
Word Count: 151
Summary: Inspired by the film on current release: Five Seasons: the Gardens of Piet Oudolf

Nature. Human

This tree will stay, these plants return
The sun and rain will sustain
But my presence now shall then absence be
My passing traced within another brain
And there my absence another mind shall see

Round and round the seasons turn
Winter Spring Summer Fall
My painted pony seats another now
My time to ride no time at all
The quiet voice of why drowned by when and how

The true worth of life is in how we live 
Not in what we think we live it for
all lives end in the same way
we can only choose what to explore
But not prolong the search a single day

 Like the wind our spirits restless fly
While Nature Trees and plants abide
Through love we seek a way to be
To find and share the beauty of the ride
To give to take to deserve to be free