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I Am

by  Zettel

Posted: Sunday, January 07, 2018
Word Count: 240

I Am
I am footprints in the snow
gone with the next onset of rain
Only memory then will know
I was here until it snows again
And then one day no foot will tread
no mark, no sign of presence made
So I must leave no words unsaid
No doubts unstilled, no debts unpaid
I am days of love; and all the years between
Lover, husband, father, friend
drawn to find out how words mean
our form of life to comprehend
This I know; first is deed, not idea
Action, choice, to be; not just pretend
To trust the truth of passion. To say - I am here
Struggle also honours means not just ends
I am as much what I say, as what I do
Thought transcends nerve, and cell, and blood
dare to face, embrace the new
to seek, if not always find, the good
All minds are other: our hearts must reach
To listen, hear, connect; language serves
My heart my restless mind must teach
to accept with grace, what deeds deserve
I am never all that I should be
But as life’s circles move me on
Grandfather now, I begin to see
It is we, not me, that makes all one
Love is letting go, not holding fast
If we cage the wild bird for too long
her love of freedom will not last
Dare to live, dare to doubt, when I am gone