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She pains me

by  ChrisB

Posted: Friday, February 6, 2004
Word Count: 148
Summary: Why is it so hard to get on with some people?

Content Warning
This piece and/or subsequent comments may contain strong language.

Give me a gun
And Id shot her dead
Because shes nothing more
That spunk in a bed.

Her sheets are dirty
She has pillows of stone
Im not comfortable around her
Her body is a drone.

Shes like a big iceberg
Daggers out for fight
An angel in the morning
Mostly the devil in the night.

A truly fucked up Jekell and Hyde
How can I treat her like a sister
When the witches of Eastwick
Seemed gentler at Easter.

How can she escape from her cage
Will the bird inside to get free
No wonder there is no peace
With the demons in her sea.

But maybe if we swallow our pride
Put aside past disputes
Throw away our guilt
conflicts ills and reputes.

We can then laugh out loudly
At these little pains gripes and shades
Learn to laugh together
All the darkness will fade.