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BoBo Sanctuary

by  Bobo

Posted: Friday, February 6, 2004
Word Count: 105
Summary: Another ode to my nearly-33-year-old 'cuddly' toy ( once a snoopy-style dog, but now a degenerating mass of rags - still beautiful to me ). I cried rather a lot while writing this. :0(

You accepted me
when no-one else would.
I felt truly loved and needed.
Nothing They could do or say
could take away
our bond,
so unique and eternal.

You knew me,
adored me
for my essence -
to you I was everything,
your end-of-days companion.

and ever.
You and I
taking on
the cruel barbed torture
of rejection.

Yes, I will stand by you,
continue to cherish you,
long beyond the confines
of this day or tomorrow,
long beyond the material world
with all its cares.

As I look into your eyes,
mottled ebony beads of kindness,
I thank you for helping me live.