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The Study of Shells

by  Cliff Hanger

Posted: Monday, May 16, 2016
Word Count: 153
Summary: Sorry I'm making you comment a lot but I've got plenty of catching up to do.This is my stab at a metaphorical poem. I've gone back to the sea but the birds will come back at some point.Is it a bit long and therefore boring? Thanks for your time. Jane

The Study of Shells
keeps a nervous nature safe.
Turns the edge of a steel knife
but can be punctured by creatures
as soft as the human tongue.
make holes in the sand with
their natural spades.
Quite adept at jumping. Will
do anything to avoid conflict.
spiral around their staircases until
they come to their pinprick points.
Difficult to avoid as they inhabit
all the world’s seas and oceans.
exceedingly common.
Cling to any rocks that let 
them anchor themselves.
By no means a safe edible.
not remotely cut throat.
Burrow deep to avoid detection
but can’t avoid spouting. 
Caught out by electric jolts.
Stick to whatever provides a firm
support. Sink into a depression to protect
their vulnerable edges.
Not easily detached from their vacuum.
After close examination
keep safe in a special cabinet.
Take out from time to time.
Preserve and treasure.