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I Will Cure You of Your Pain

by  dr_mandrill

Posted: Tuesday, February 3, 2004
Word Count: 129
Summary: You know, people often say to me: ďMandrill," they say, "... youíre 90% ego, how come it doesnít show in your poems more?Ē So here, in celebration of my profile reaching 100 comments made and received, and 500 points surpassedÖ

Itís not about length
Nor girth,
Though Iíve had no complaints
(No, seriously, itís pretty big).
It comes
From flexibility in the hips,
A knowledge of angles,
And a really filthy mind.

Follow the scent of me
Down the highstreet.
Your nails are claws
If they have to be;
And they have to be:
Iím your bloodsport.

Youíll crane your necks to watch me
At the bar.
Youíll have what Iím having?
Of course.
Cast aside gender assumptions and run
Your hand along my inside leg and
Not that far above the knee
Iíll show you how we measure up.

And if you worry you canít
Frequency and ferocity,
(But always labouring, always consummate),
Youíre probably right.
But Iíll respect you for trying