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by  novelista04

Posted: Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Word Count: 772
Summary: YA fiction fight scene novel. There is no foul language or gruesome scenes but there is some mild violence. THIS IS NOT THE FULL STORY, IF YOU WOULD LIKE THE FULL STORY EITHER MESSAGE ME OR EMAIL ME.

“Maddie, where have you-” Jason turns to see me limping slightly with his father grasping my arm tightly. My throat tightens at the sight of him. I haven’t seen him in so long and an ache in my heart seems to lift looking at him. Mark puts the other arm around my neck to stop Jason moving any closer and a small whimper escapes my lips. Jason’s eyes soften when he sees my face, bloody and bruised and then they freeze, as cold and unwelcoming as ice. “Let her go Mark!” He growls reaching his arm out towards me, urging me to him. I flinch as Mark tightens his grip around my neck.

“You aren’t going anywhere, Parker.”  He whispers in my ear. Turning to Jason he adds, “You don’t scare me.”

“Nor you, me. You stopped being my dad the moment you left when I was 10. Now let…her…go.” He repeats slowly. Tears stream down my face, leaving footprints in the sweat that has gathered. I raise my eyes to meet his and see love, great love that makes you do crazy things like standing in front of a bullet for that person. The kind of love that I thought only existed in movies. The kind of love I found the moment I met him.

“I thought I taught you not to love, son. I see in your eyes how you feel about this girl and it makes you stupid, Jason.  Love makes you week and Sutton’s are not weak. We are strong and victorious and powerful and we steel ourselves from the stupidity love makes you.”

“I’m not a Sutton, and I'm definitely not weak.” He retorts launching himself at us pulling me behind him, I fall to the floor as blood runs down my leg. I hiss in pain and clutch my leg. I drag myself towards the wall, leaning against it watching the inevitable events unfold in front of me. Jason falls to the floor in front of me and grunts in pain. He raises his fingers and touches his bleeding lip just as Mark swings his fist down again. I flinch at the crunching impact and breathe deeply pushing myself away from the wall and towards him. Gasping in pain, I shout for them to stop. “Maddie,” Jason breathes, “Maddie please. I know what you’re doing and please don’t.” He begs. I shake my head unable to speak. This is what I have to do. This is what has to happen.

“So what is it she’s doing Jason?” Mark inquires, “Seeing as you know what it is, tell me. What is Maddie doing?” Jason swallows uneasily, lifting himself off the floor and resting against a pillar. “Do as I say son, just tell me what Maddie is going to do.”

“I’ll tell you.” I say crawling over to where Jason leans, dragging my bleeding leg behind me. “Leave Jason out of it, this is my fight not his.”

“Well, aren’t you brave? First of all stand up and face me, and second, go on then tell me what it is that you’re planning to do.” Jason grasps my arm and gently pulls me up. I lean against him, swaying slightly as the blood continues to pour out of my leg. “I’m waiting.” Mark says impatiently, Jason moves as if to attack him again but I pull his hand into mine and stop him.

“I was going to stop the fighting between you and Jason.” I say solemnly. “And I was going to do this by surrendering myself to you.” At this Mark’s face lights up as he starts to laugh.

“Well that certainly would’ve worked.” He says, “As for the surrendering part, that wouldn’t have been necessary as you are already mine. I’ve claimed you and Jason throwing a few punches at me hasn’t changed that fact and as you can see there’s not a scratch on me, whereas with Jason he’s very bruised. Matches your face, I suppose. Now let’s get on with this surrendering. Come forward Miss Parker.”
“Maddie no!” Jason intervenes. “Listen to me; you don’t have to do this.”

“Jason I don’t want him to kill you in some stupid fight and this is the only way to stop it. This way there’s nothing to fight about, he’s already won. Now go home, go back to Alice and Matt and Rebecca and all of your friends. You’ll be safe and okay and it will be good.” Jason’s face goes blank and I see a few tears well up in his eyes. My stomach jolts and I raise my hand to his cheek.