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Brothers In Arms

by  Zettel

Posted: Sunday, January 3, 2016
Word Count: 339
Summary: Probably too ambitious. It just sort of grew.

Brothers in Arms

If I am not harmed how shall I hate
if not attacked how kill
Crosses crescents and diverse stars
flags and anthems and booted men
march in thrall to the awful lie
your God your Nation gives you leave
to subjugate all means to doubtful ends
and to honour man-made symbols
somewhere someone’s child must die
If I am harmed courage must not fail
if attacked I must stand fast and free
but shall I take pride in this
unleash the beast on heat within
savour the saltblood taste of victory
Reluctant necessity no glory craves
today’s warriors are soon tomorrow’s slaves
The arts of war are arts no more
just careless rows of wasteful graves
Don’t blame the Devil for He is you and me
we tell ourselves to kill can keep us free
Black White Muslim Jew
even gentle Jesus will kill you for me
and Man although of Woman born
in fear and hate will abuse and rape her too

The Universal Soldier now serves a universal greed
our least desires outweigh others universal need
what we have we will hold in and by our arms
more then more and ever more again is justified
as sparing scraps for those who have already died
Our intelligence is bewitched by clever words
with which we craft deceit just short of lies
we are neither good nor bad lest we decide
but freedom’s burden heavy weighs
Hard won with struggle death and sacrifice
the arduous duties of this oppressive prize
make of it a battle we now long to lose
Though self-forged our fetters of earthly iron comprise
We beg necessity or might to free us from the need to choose 
That we can fashion words to deceive and lie
confirms the trusted truths we know
My brothers’ sisters’ needs are mine and just as dear
only human life is sacred indivisible and clear
my brothers’ arms should comfort me hold me safe
not in the name of Gods kill in obedience through fear