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by  BorderBound

Posted: Saturday, January 31, 2004
Word Count: 248
Summary: its always about the same woman... but this i wrote when i was 12... it was the first poem i ever wrote. i think she's the reason i'm obsessed with words..

The reason for my fall is lost in romance
I dream and wake to kiss the air.
Iím celebrating my feet.
Iím chasing you.

My heads screaming but my heart has won.
A million eyes turn on me.
My reflection canít look me in the eye.
I wont forgive myself for loosing you.

A thought of you makes my heart jump
People say I glow when I see you.
Trying to explain that nothings wrong
Itís just so hard to love a stranger.

Everyday decisions made to runaway
And everyday all day love never stops.
It doesnít matter if they think Iím crazy
Weíll be great one day.

Coming a hazard. Am I not quite right?
I swear. Iím trying to dream myself awake
But I like it here
Waiting for eternal sleep so I can see you.

In my mind to fall in love is now just to fall
Kissing the air gets tiring.
Waiting for dawn while hoping to fall asleep soon
Where do I stand when God starts the giving?

I think and I crumble it like paper, Why?
Watching the sea makes me feel taller
Counting dead roses makes dreamers fly
And every time I grow I cry, because I know of something lower.

And the Place you took was all I loved you for.
Look at the time, I really must go
Youíre waiting for me in bed
And Iím not one to keep hallucinations waiting.

By Gal Israel
„ 26th April 1999