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For Poppy

by  Zettel

Posted: Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Word Count: 120
Summary: On the birth of a first grandchild

For  Poppy
Children suffer to come unto to us
born through pain that ends
the pain of life that mercifully
the power of love transcends
Conceived in passion
borne with mother’s patient will
new life, new hope, a destiny
chance and choice to fulfil
The mystery of life, the joy to be
this new self enters time
all tomorrows now, no yesterdays
her rhythms waiting rhyme
Wanted, longed for, this unbroken
thread of life bonds and binds
in blood, in spirit, and in love
our hearts, our souls, our minds
So welcome to our world little one
to its passion, joy and fun
time ebbs away so secretly
live it to the full
till your journey too
is run.