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Never Goanna Dance

by  desdillon

Posted: Friday, August 22, 2014
Word Count: 108
Summary: another sonnet based on the fact that i've never danced with my wife and haven't danced since i stopped drinking 23 years ago Sean-nůs dance is an older style of traditional solo Irish dance. It is a casual dance form, as opposed to the more formal competition-oriented form, of Irish stepdance.

Never Goanna Dance
You say I’ve never danced with you cos sober
feet ain’t got no rhythm.  But listen, you don’t
only dance with your feet on the dance floor.
I have been dancing sean-nos unnoticed
through sickness and health, heel and toe over
these few square feet of Scotland. Unseen,
I have stamped out reels and jigs, clicked
airs and laments over old friends gone,
shuffled through unbearable loss, spun
and tip tapped in the garden through swallows
and blackbirds, howling dogs in the flowers,
cats’ choirs in shivering cherry blossoms.
I have danced, darling. And  I’m never
goanna dance again, the way I’ve danced with you.