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Dunoon Ferry

by  desdillon

Posted: Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Word Count: 105
Summary: a wee reflective sonnet - trying to link anorexia with alchoholism

Dunoon Ferry
Tonight’s ferry floats upon her ghost;
the Zavaroni chip-shop sign glowing
of the seventies. Maybe the words were white
but they’re tired now and tilted slightly.
Traces of chips and vinegar drag me
to flared trousered lunch time first year love,
radio belting out Mama he’s makin’ eyes at me
and I’m imagining Angie Maguire singing
even though her mother was dead and she
was nearly an orphan except for her dad
who found me Bay City Roller drunk
in her garden and phoned the stomach pump.
And wine’s promises are a curse like fame
Lena, thinning away like the chip shop sign.