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Pointeso Art Scene: Agent A

by  kingcritter

Posted: Sunday, May 18, 2014
Word Count: 135

Agent A.
An agent on mobile walking through Athletico international airport.

'Eh...what? Yah, yah...I'll be at The Vascov around 10.30ish...yah..erm well Marcia said she'll keep tabs on that one...yap...ten installations have sold but we need to start the marketing campaign for Aimii Slite...yap...well say something along the lines of liminal spaces, the domestic, duality, tacit and all that shite - she's a photographer...her father...yap...he's chief exec at Zennels Corps...ha ha...she's lovely - just finished at Novia Art College but is moving to's a no brainer...look, I'll be on the 8.30 plane so will meet you at Kane's bar at Pointeso shit? Ok...include networking and mentoring and don't forget to mention 'The rural' that always looks good on the evaluation...'

The voice fades as the figure moves through the crowd towards gate 195.