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The Waves Return

by  Ellenna

Posted: Monday, January 19, 2004
Word Count: 127

The Waves Return

Down amongst the bladderwrack
popping like bubble wrap
bubbles like sequins
on the sun drenched sand
the tide is retreating
exposing bleached ribs
of dead ships from past trips
lying indecent till the waves return

Catís cradle ropes weave green over blue
reef knot rings on the harbour wall
brief respite while the waders prise the limpets
from the rust encrusted fishing boat hull
stranded, beached, lying askew
and gulls on the foreshore scan the horizon
patiently waiting for the waves' return

Cracked and weathered tarpaulin rocks
stoically embrace the foaming spumes
backwash mist rises from the surf
spectral light shines rainbow hues
taut ropes echo the pull of the moon
waking the boats from overturned torpor
proud bows buoyant on the waves' return