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by  Zettel

Posted: Wednesday, August 8, 2012
Word Count: 220
Summary: We meet few truly inspirational people, This is one. If you wish to know more Google Buffy Sainte Marie


You shall be Earth He said
Rain lover
Corn giver
home to the roots
of trees and men
Yes you shall be Earth

I love the Earth she said
My mother
My brother
Who sustains me
My place, my home
But I shall not be Earth

You shall be Wind He said
Sail driver
Storm giver
Who carries Earthís song
To touch our hearts
Yes you shall be Wind

I love the Wind she said
North and South
East and West
She clears my head
And stirs my soul
But I shall not be Wind

You shall be Water He said
Life giver
Thirst quencher
Lakes and rivers
Brooks and streams
Yes you shall be Water

I love the Water she said
Her cooling touch
Her cleansing taste
She purifies my soul
And gives me life
But I shall not be Water

What then shall you be He said
Not Earth, nor Wind
Nor Water too
Shall you be Sun
Giver of Light
Shall this be you

I love the Sun she said
Giver of life
Giver of heat
That is not my place
For You are Light
Invisible but seen

I shall be Fire she said
Change maker
Passionís undying flame
But not for power
Or for Fame
For Truth, for honour
That all be loved the same