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The River Path

by  JessicaPaul

Posted: Friday, May 18, 2012
Word Count: 125
Summary: Hmmmm...what to say about this one? I'm kind of hoping the poem will do the talking for me. I'd be really interested to hear what people understood from it to see whether or not I conveyed what I wanted to well.
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Drop of water in a river.
Whose journey does it take?

It surely canít flow back upstream.
It canít stand still,
speed up
or slow.
Its pace is set
by nature
after all.
Confined to the riverís path,
it has no choice
but to round each bend.

Does it flow aimlessly then?
It bobs, dives, swerveís to rise.
Can mill at the waterís edge;
take time to tickle lilies.
Float along the surface,
windswept in the breeze.

But the path it follows
was carved long before
the drop fell from the sky.
So could it ever have control,
or the right to question why?

Perhaps the drop of waterís happy
just to float along.

Perhaps it doesnít worry whether
its path is right or wrong.