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Dining Out

by  vigournet

Posted: Saturday, March 24, 2012
Word Count: 170
Summary: What diner eats a worm?

I ate a worm. Not sliced or dissected, I just opened wide and swallowed it whole. The long soft body wriggled and squirmed. It suffocated in my throat.

I had been thinking about eating a worm for days. They looked so appetising. Needing to wait until the garden was deserted, I bode my time. I was dining alone.

Itís a shame 600 million years of existence met its match. Without any teeth I needed something easily chewable. Worms can live for 10 years. Mine is dead now. The wriggling has stopped. It was a tough little thing. It put up a fight.

Contrary to what some think, worms have hairs, are strong and can live underground in freezing weather. They are most vulnerable when they pop their heads up or slither around the soil. At least one will slither no more. Not in my back-yard. My worm tasted a bit salty.

Preening my black and white feathers I am going to look for another one before the blackbird comes back!