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by  creativemojo

Posted: Wednesday, November 16, 2011
Word Count: 128
Summary: a soft erotic ... love affair

Is this love? Is this lust?
An answer to my prayer?
Hold me baby in your arms,
this secret we now share.

Heated passion burns deep inside,
I taste the forbidden fruit,
spearing tongues and wanton hands,
my soul do you pollute.

Heavy beating drums my heart,
blood gushing to my brain.
A knowing smile upon you face,
my breathing fast and strained.

Between these walls,
behind close doors we play this deadly game,
caressing each others breast,
seeking our internal flame.

Hunger fills me, babe I need you.
Here and now is all that matters.
For this forbidden fruit
we taste, our world could shatter.

Sweat forming on our heads,
heat rises from our forest flame,
the salty taste of my tears,
this sin, my secret shame.