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Rock Buns (working title)

by  Paula31

Posted: Friday, June 10, 2011
Word Count: 1128
Summary: A child's account of a time in his life.

When I grow up I want to be a policeman. I want to be able to go and break down doors and take people away with the blue lights flashing, just like they did to my brother Billy. Mum says she canít cope with having two inside. Thatís why I play outside all the time. The house is small, and it is crowded with me, mum and baby Josh in it. Although, thereís a bit more room since Billy went away.

I go and call for Jamie Cox to see if he wants to play army. His mum answers the door smiling. Sheís always smiling Jamieís mum. She asks how my mum is and I tell her about Billy being taken away and how a lady comes round now to see how me, mum and Josh are. She tells me to tell Mum that she was asking about her. Mum says not to speak to the nosy bitch but I like Jamieís mum. She wears nice clothes and smells of perfume and baking.
Me and Jamie go over Glenbrook Common to our base. Itís hidden in some bushes. Nobody knows itís there except us. We made sure of that after last time. Our last base was in an old house with a green metal door that wasnít locked. It was the best base yet with furniture in and everything. There was this one time when we were jumping on the mattress and I fell and cut myself. It didnít hurt that much, just a sharp pinch in my leg. But the police come and warned us not to play in there because it was very dangerous. I heard them say something about it being a den with sharps everywhere. Yes, it was our den and they had to come along and spoil it. Thatís why I want to be a policeman then I can go and spoil everybodyís fun.

We donít make it to our new base because it starts pissing down so Jamie says we can go back to his. His mum has just made some rock buns and gives me two and a glass of milk. She asks if my mum bakes and I tell her no but she once made a space cake for Billyís birthday. I donít know why it was called that because it didnít look like a rocket or anything, and she said I werenít to have any. How mean is that? Her and Billy ate it and laughed all night. I couldnít get to sleep for them two laughing. I tell Jamieís mum that her cakes are really nice hoping that sheíll give me another but she just asks where my dad is and did he not get any of the cake. No, I tell her, my mum said he was doing a long stretch somewhere. I can only stretch for a few seconds before I get tired. Jamieís mum smiles at me even more when I tell her this and she gives me another cake.
I donít want to go home but itís getting dark and I have to be back to look after baby Josh; even though baby Josh is always in his cot when Mum goes to work. Donít answer the door to anyone is the number one rule when she goes out. She always looks beautiful when she goes out. I would say she looks more beautiful than Jamieís mum. Why canít she look like that in the day? She kisses me goodnight and I can hear the key in the lock. Iím in charge now and when youíre in charge you canít be scared. Billy was never scared and I want to be just like Billy. I fall asleep on the couch dreaming of rock buns and Billy.

Itís raining again. Me and Jamie are never going to get chance to build up our base but I call for him anyway. His mum tells me to wait in the kitchen; Jamie is just getting changed from church. I donít mind. Jamie can take as long as he likes. Itís cosy and warm here. His mum asks how baby Josh is. I tell her he was sick last night. Thatís a shame she says. Itís alright though because I cleaned it up before mum got back from work. She looked at me funny. That was the first time I hadnít seen her smiling but then she smiled again and asked me where mum worked. I donít know where mum works and Iím not supposed to say work. Mum says if anyone asks where she is tell them sheís out, not work, do not say work. Anyway, I says, donít tell Mum but I think he was sick because I gave him a bit of her special pop. Sheíd kill me if she knew Iíd used some but I didnít know what to do. There was no milk left and he was crying so I only used a tiny bit and put some water in it. Mum will never find out because I put some water in her special pop bottle as well. Jamieís mumís eyes went very wide but she still smiled. She has a lovely smile.
Jamie was ready for me to go upstairs. Itís sometimes good when itís raining. You get to do other stuff like play on the computer. I can only go on Jamieís computer now because Billyís got took away. When Iím in the police Iíll get Billyís computer back for him. Time goes really quick when you are having fun but I have to go so I get my coat and say bye to Jamieís mum. She offers to take me home in her posh red car. While itís raining I say yes. She says that I was a very good boy and everything would be all right. I tell her everything is all right.

When she pulls up there is a police car and ambulance on the front. I wonder what theyíve come for this time? I run into the living room and see the lady who comes to see us every week. She says I have to go with her and the police say it too but I say I canít leave mum and baby Josh. They all look at each other and shake their heads. I say Iíll go only if they let me go in the police car because Iím going to be a policeman when I grow up but when I look my mum is already in the police car and they wonít let me near her. The lady takes me to her car and I see the police car drive away. My mum doesnít look at me but Jamieís mum does. She is still smiling.