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Green Tea

by  Midnight_Sun

Posted: Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Word Count: 220

I started as a seed,
but grew
a beautiful green leaf.
I had the belief
one day they would pick me
with my relations from plantations
that lie on distant Eastern slopes,
and in my hopes
of a Confucian solution
to my fateful days,
through sways
of green, the dream
turned to reality
as I was plucked away
boxed, shipped West
at your humble request,
to meditate, sedate
in your kitchen cupboard,
above the washboard
anticipating enlightenment. Now,
be it Buddha or the Holy Cow
I have achieved the perceived

Through my silent mantra
comes light;
tonight youíve set me free,
into water you drop me;
swirling in your cosmic cup
you lift me up
to lips that sip.
As I float, inside this bag I steam;
Is this a tea fuelled dream
Iím crafting, through wafting
my aroma amid wind from your great mouth?

Your nose
sniffing; am I uplifting?
They say Iím full of
beneficial to your health;
great architect of my being
Iím feeling
rather proud - but wait!
Whatís this?

- Now youíve finished supping
you toss me from your cup
into the depths
of some darkened
Karmic dustbin;
Is my next life on the heap
of some rotting pile of compost;

no more a beautiful green leaf?