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Don Juan Dances

by  Ticonderoga

Posted: Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Word Count: 199
Summary: another by Angry's inhumanity to woman...

Don Juan dances in the moonlight
sowing the air with silver phrases
setting hearts and feet a-flutter

'madder music, stronger wine' he cries
the night grows darker and uncanny
the atmosphere coagulates

off-kilter rhythms and notes of panic
infect the dance and twist the tunes
monstrous shadows loom in unseen threat

laughter curdles and grows shrill
young limbs distort, writhing weirdly
footfalls echo heavily, primordial

a corpse-grey golem rises from the earth
commanding, vast, implacable, enraged
unholy semblance of a murdered father

determined to revenge his daughter's....
squatting with a cardboard coffee cup
forced night and day to beg in alien cities

for coins that go straight to her gang boss;
sleeping with twenty men a night in Mumbai
under threat of never seeing her son again

her son by the man she was forced to marry
by the man who stole her from home in Nepal
had her cut open to give a rich man a kidney

and used the proceeeds to pay her dowry;
lying emaciated, bleeding, doped and senseless
on a filthy cot being serially raped

by 'paying customers', after lying tales
of easy work in England stole her life.

Don Juan dances in the moonlight.......