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Codename: Irony (or, A-wop-bop-osama-obama-bam-boom!)

by  Ticonderoga

Posted: Friday, May 6, 2011
Word Count: 170
Summary: A few thoughts on Operation Geronimo..........

Burn in Hell! they crow and spit -
yet another knee-jerk obscenity
to further befoul a schizophrenic event
and bloat the suppurating corpse
of America's Bible-sucking hubris.

Ding-dong the witch is dead!
The arch Enemy of the State
once best-buddy of the States -
they loved him when he was blowing up 'Russkis' -
is sleeping (fast) with the fishes now.

Bigger is better and biggest is best
and we OBLiterated that sonofabitch!
Bin Laden is (99 per cent certainly) dead,
assassinated by the American Empire Machine.

International Law? Geneva Convention? Justice?
We piss in their mouths - this is self-defence, dammit!
Tighten up the Bible-belt to hold in place
the Incontinence Pad of Manifest Destiny
and go stomp the Badlands of Pakistan.......

Once they had slaughtered his wife and son
they shot their (unarmed) rogue ex-friend
through the eye - and called it "killed in action".
But they saved the sickest twist for last:
how does the First Black President feel

when he hears the message, "K.I.A., GERONIMO"?