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The Wheel Turning

by  Scott

Posted: Sunday, December 14, 2003
Word Count: 1029

Chapter One
Work in Progress

Mars was worried about home, the war on the front was startlingly unpredictable; the fighting would not stay at ground zero for too long, no, before long the war was going to spill into either England or France

Jossy Mars was a G.O.D (Geographical Order Developer) and he was working on the project titled Earth 2, Man has long discovered the secrets of creation and now understood everything is fundamentally the same once you got to the tiniest of its make up, meaning creating an entire planet was just as easy as making a piece of bread, Man now seemed to be able to do all it had once dreamed of, to have everything it ever wanted and they had now created an entire planet to house it increasingly growing population.

Mars (He was always called by his surname) was part a team of scientists that was testing to see if this new grown world was suitable and stable, he was responsible for the design of the landscape that he himself had modelled on the original Earth though Earth 2 was three times larger than its mother planet.

Mars was also responsible for the test humans that had been placed on the new world, guinea pigs to see how they were taking to the land around them. The humans were stock grown; they were set free and looked after like pets, Mars and the other scientists watched to see how they reacted physically to the planets atmosphere. The test subject’s intelligence had been lessened so that they didn’t rise up against their super-brained superiors

Each morning Mars would fly down to area code 51 to be greeted by his subjects; he would make sure they were well feed well since no greenery or live stock was due to be attached to Earth 2 for a few weeks yet. Though the men and women Mars looked after were not as smart as himself they were not at all stupid, they were intelligent and smart enough to know not to bite the hand that feed them. Each morning they greeted him they already showed signs of quick brain growth, they would grunt what they had started to express as language and signalled to learn who he was.

Mars came to love his little people and was happy to learn the new world was treating them well. Some mornings when his fondness for the small people really touched him deep inside, when their kindness gave him hope for Mankind he would sit and gather them, as a teacher would his class and tell them stories. He told them he was a G.O.D and the more he spoke and feed them the more loved he was and felt, each morning when he arrived they would come out quicker with each passing day and greet him though sometimes he had felt a bit concerned they were starting to worship him.

However, this particular cloudy evening Mars was not feeling too cheerful and sat down looking emotional, as usual he was greeted with affection and wonder by his subjects, one in particular stroked his face to cheer him up

Mars laughed, “I’m okay Daisy, just home again giving me stress”

Of course this young woman had not yet been taught his own complex language and so just looked on in perplexity as her apparent master frown turn so quickly into a humorous smile

“Well you see I come from far away” with this he looked to the sky, causing Daisy to follow his glance and point skyward

“Yes that’s right from up there, from what you can see at night high up in the the heavens, your big white light. Well me dear its not too good there at the moment, the wars of yester years have had its effect and there not going away” Mars sighed with the weight of his worries heavily weighed on his shoulders “perhaps this world will bring us new hope”

As he looked up and glared at mother Earth staring back at him with its cold frosty surface, a single tear ran his cheek. Now Daisy understood emotions and did all she knew how to help him feel some better. She hugged him. Mars received the hug and embraced his wonderful little subject back and sobbed.

Stressing Jossy Mars so much was the first war to plague Earth in over five hundred years and it was a direct result of the last Great War, War 69. The previous conflict had ended in all the worst and most powerful weapons man could muster, they had thrown everything that they could at each other and damn nearly destroyed every last thing on the planet. When the last drop of spilt blood had splashed down the sky was grey and the mist was growing thicker and larger slightly more every day. By the time Mars was born the world was covered in a black cloud doing as it was designed to do, destroying the land it glided over. The war had ended before it was put into full use but once it was in the sky it could not be entirely removed, it had become apart of the world, a weapon born from a lust of madness, a lust that did not think of the consequences and so the weapon did as intended slowly but deadly.

Earth became a very cold place and most of the land became covered in ice. The population was at peace with each other but not with the world, Earth was fighting back and it wanted rid of its nasty little disease. Western Europe was all that was inhabitable on Earth now and every last piece of land was invaluable. This is where the problems began.

The sea that divided England and France had receded back into the icing lands of the North, new land was now available and England and France both laid claim to it, they were not willingly to share. At the start of the conflict Earth 2 was just a dream and by the time it was a reality the war had become a matter of national pride.