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In the Music Shop

by  James Graham

Posted: Thursday, February 3, 2011
Word Count: 77
Summary: This is so lightweight it could float away on the breeze. Let me know what you make of it anyway.

In the Music Shop

Ground floor

Bad Rabbits

Baby Animals

3 Daft Monkeys
(for the price of 2)

First floor


Hellfire Festival

Hell Awaits
(...on the

Second floor?)

Thrash, Crust and Funk.

Third floor

Classics to Chill

Great Sexy Tenors

Bitesize Portions of the Classics
(e.g. Beethoven:
track in C for wind quintet)

Fourth floor

Best of Barry Manilow

Best of Liberace

The Nation’s Favourite Songs to Fall Asleep to
(easy-peasy listening)

Broom cupboard

Howlin’ Wolf.