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¡¡Exposed about Yao Ming¡¯s ¡°retirement¡±

by  landy1987

Posted: Tuesday, August 31, 2010
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Recently a piece of most exciting news come out that Yao Ming may retire in the new season if worst possibility happened ,which shocked all fans who care for Yao Ming and china football.
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£¿is it so serious ? Didn¡¯t Yao Ming really explore worry about injury circumstance as to make incredible reply. In fact the truth is not so.
These words was showed early in 22th,July.That was to say when he accepted China Daily¡¯s interview a week ago. original text said ¡°I know I will retire in near future, even I may follow through till 36 years old .I have to accept the fact that someday I can¡¯t play basketball. the only trouble is 30 years old witnesses youth alike golden for a professional athelete. so I hardly accept it if now let me give up my career.¡±
It was a relevant replying for his injury recovering .as we all know Yao Ming constantly suffered severe leg injury and missed many important matches in past five sports competition season.
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¡£But about recent interview, what media pay more attention was Yao Ming¡¯s another declaration about some hint that he possibly retreated national team.
¡°It depends on my injury¡¯s recovering. if my health can insist on entire reason and don¡¯t undergo surgery again thus maybe I still wear jerseys of china team¡± Yao Ming said ¡°I think I can help a little for the team ,to be frank, I can¡¯t become the future of china basketball because of my age. It needs numans to carry on¡±
Yao Ming¡¯s talk in China Daily really revealed his non-alternative as a player surrounded by all sorts of injury. But he never gave up in past many years and again time by time stood up and performed better than before. Now with regard to 30 years old¡¯s Yao Ming whether this time¡¯s recovering got succeed, as if it was unknown. As media why not should we introspect ourselves? Why Yao Ming was often injured? if he bear much duty? we should take Yao Ming¡¯s feeling and interest into consideration.