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Secret Lives - Part 2

by  Katheryn_UK

Posted: Sunday, March 7, 2010
Word Count: 4552
Summary: okay so i havent split them up into chapters yet but this is the second part of my story where she is older but its the first part and this part that i can seem to join up!
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the second part of my story:

The day I left school at 18 was the day I figured I actually didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. Hard to know where it went sightly wrong. I had it all planned out at one stage. Was it the idiotic students who teased me about my boyfriend? - and they did - Maybe. Was it the way my parents thought I was wasting my life wanting to train to be something that – in the end – I probably wouldnt finish anyway? Possibly. Was it my need of attention? Well, when isn't it?
So many questions and yet, I never knew the answer. Not for sure.
“So what you're saying is, you don't want to be a police officer anymore?” my guidance cousellor questioned me.
I didn't know the answer to that either. The one thing I had known was that I wanted to go to University. And study – what? Well, social services was a given. The rest was a long shot.
“Mum, i'm moving out with Darren” I told her calmly. Mum instantly threw a fit. She stood up, walked over to where I was standing – which was by the front door holding my backpack and ready to leg it out the door at any moment – and shook me. Her eyes fury red.
“Not in this lifetime” she said, heavy breathing making it known she was trying to control her temper.
That was another decision that didnt get made. I should have just left and be done with it. But I loved my mum too much to make her that mad so I stayed at home, like the lost puppy they treat me like. That decision, it just so happens, turned out to be a good decision.
Being 16 and flirty did have its draw backs. But it also had its perks. Which is to say, I got a lot of what I want. Being daddy's little girl is always a road I like to take.
I just say “yes daddy” and smile and everything is forgotten.
Mum was slightly trickier.
Being 18 however, didnt work so well for me.

“So Rose, what brings you here today?” the nice old lady at the job centre greets me pleasantly, but with an air of superiourity that I hate so much.
“oh just the usual.” I sign my name and then walk out. Easy peasy. Those months were low.

University came. Brilliant.
The high walls and low ceilings of Maidstones University made me want to tear my hair out every living moment. I had given the idea of being a police woman another thought. I was still with Darren. And my mum had decided that I was old enough to move out. Just not with Darren.
Darren was a grungy kind of guy with shaggy dark hair and not the best complexion in the world. I loved him. He was different. Really different.
“So babe, wanna go throw water balloons in head masters office?”
That was his idea of fun. No future and sweet parents made for waste of an education. But he was with me, so I didnt care. Only problem was his idea of fun got me into an awful lot of trouble.
“No thanks, I'd like keep my head.” was my reply practically every time. Unless I was drunk.
I had this reputation for being a party girl. One that I tried to tame constantly but always let slip at the crucial moment.
For instance, I had a party set up for my 18th birthday and only 20 people were invited. Those would be my close family, and a few friends from school and Uni. Little did I know that those “friends” had invited their “friends” and the whole thing got busted.
“So Rose, wanna go 'hang out'?” said a tall, straggly looking 18yr old who loved to party, and loved to flirt, with me, all..the..time! That would be Simon.
I did my best to seem worthy of his attention.
“Sure Si.” I smiled at him, so my eyes sparkled in the low lighting and fluttered my eyelashes. “Just after I go shag Harry over there, and oh yeah, pop Amanda's cherry”
He flustered, and walked away - quickly. Everytime he tried to chat me up, he just left feeling embarrassed. I liked him, but not that way. Harry was rather dishy, if he wasnt so gay, and Amanda, well, lets say shes more A-man-duh!
The music was on disco, the candles of my cake had been blown and the TV was now smashed. Lucky for me my mum and dad had left me to have a party without their supervision since I was technically mature enough. I was in deep shit later.
The only person in the party that wasnt drunk, believe it or not, was me. I had one beer, but after seeing my front door get banged down with a herd of drinkneedy teenagers from uni, I decided it best to sober up and stop it. But I didn't get far.
“Hey c'mon man, don't be so grouchy.”
I wasnt being grouchy. I was trying to have a nice friendly, harmless birthday party.
I walked over to the phone and decided enough was enough. So I called the police on my own party. Clever girl eh?

“Alright, who is responsible here?” came the deep, intruding tone of tall one of the two police officers at my door half an hour later. Even I had to admit that that was damned quick.
“I am, sir” I replied. I had changed clothes since calling, so I didnt appear to be as tarty as my party had become. As soon as the police sirons started near by, everyone packed up and left just like I wanted. I just had to deal with the police now.
“Are your parents in?” said the shorter police woman this time. She then looked around and said “Or should I say, are your parents anywhere near by?” she eyed her colleage with a slight smirk as to say “Another teenage party gone too far” which was actually the case.
I smiled like I wasn't in trouble. “No sirs, my parents went to my uncles for the weekend.”
“Name and date of birth please madam” the tall one asked, whilst pulling out a pad and pen.
“Rose Ever, 13th of October 1991” I replied, appearing to be taking control of the situation.
“Okay, well it appears that you have no trouble now. But if there's anymore suspicious activity, please call this number. There have been a number of unwanted sightings lately and we are currently trying to deal with matters.” the tall one said whilst handing me a business card.
That was the day I decided that being in the police was what I wanted.

Fast forward several months and so far things hadn't gone to plan. Currently working for a local news channel – albeit a small business – I was getting the attention I wanted but not necessarily in the best way.
I worked as a trainee 'community officer' for a year during the first year of Uni. For some reason didnt complete the course and left. Of course, some small part of me wishes i'd stayed on but then another small part of me just thinks “well at least you tried!”
I'd been pretty smart in journalism despite my mind convincing itself that policing was the way to go. Just because my brothers had tried left for the force, didnt mean I was meant for it. So my 19th birthday came around and i'd landed an awesome job with MSCN and with little – or no – thanks to some old teachers of mine, I got a trainee job.
“All in time” my boss had said when I asked how long before i was respected enough. Since i'd came into the company expecting full blown exposure. I told you, i'm attention seeking, but that doesnt mean I can't work for things.
The basis of my job was fairly easy – or boring – depending on how one looked at it. There were a few people on the team who i got on with. There were also a few who I didnt get on with, and those were the few that mattered.

A month after working there and i got my first – small – paycheck. I decided to go on a small shopping spree. Well, I needed new work clothes, didnt i?
Theres a mall near to where I now live – on my own – not far from the centre. It was really busy today and i'd only ever been to this place twice before, so finding my way around was rather tricky. The plush carpetting on the entrance were what made the feeling of home worth coming to. I'd love to hug the person who decorated the interior. I walked in the main doors and headed straight for Karen Millen. Heavy price tags I must admit, but I had heavy taste. The nicest tight black skirt caught my eye just as my phone started vibrating in my trouser pocket.
“Damn!” I hissed under my breath. Why couldnt they – whoever 'they' were – wait until i'd gone home?
I looked at caller ID – god bless caller ID! - and braced for the yelling on something I didn't do right.
“Heyy Boss, sorry Ronald, so er how's it going?” I answered cautiously, trying to sound as though he hadn't just interupted my nice day out. The trick was to always sound available. In my case, it meant the difference before job or no job.
“Rose, BIG NEWS!, get down to the lighthouse soon as!”
He said it as though i actually knew where 'the lighthouse' was. I hadn't a clue.
“Oh, okay, erm, sure. I-I'll be there, erm, soon yeah. Where am I going exactly?” I hesitantly asked, but he'd hung up. Great. Nice of him to sound calm at times of need. He obviously thought me efficient enough to know what I was doing with just the call.
I remember him saying on my induction day.
“And remember, I don't like to repeat myself. So take my advice: I tell you to do something, you better remember it.”
“But, sir -” I quickly began to say something. He held up his hand in protest.
“What did I just say?” he asked me, looking down at me over his big, fat, pig like nose. I had the urge to poke it and run.
I sighed in annoyance.
“You said you don't like to repeat yourself so I should remember anything you tell me to do fast. Or in a roundabouts way thats what you said, that correct, Sir?” I added emthesis on the word Sir.
He gave a surly smile and patted me on the shoulder which knocked me off edge just a bit.
“Correct.” He then looked around at the other workers, “I think we have ourselves an excellent addition to the force, don't you think, everyone?” he said to the others, raising his voice so that everyone could hear. A few half-hearted yes's and grunts could be heard, but obviously they weren't as optimistic as Ronald here.
A few minutes later - after I managed to gather my thoughts in order and scutter out of the shop before I felt any more embarrassed about not actually buying anything – I felt someone grab my arm from behind. I shrieked and when I was about to use my handbag to whack whoever it was to death, Christian, a guy who I work with but don't actually 'work with', told me to “Shush!” and come with him.
“Yeah erm, why should I?” I asked while he started hauling me towards the exit.
“Ron paged me. Told me that I had to be at the lighthouse for something. I saw you and noticed you were on the phone a minute ago, so I guessed he'd called you as well.” he answered rather quickly and not looking me in the eye. I got the feeling that he wasnt being 100% straight with me, but then since I didn't really know him that well, I could hardly judge him that much.
I stuttered, “um sure, okay.”

We left the mall pretty fast and I soon found myself in his car. I didn't know where exactly we were going. I was in-fact a little scared of him. Of course I knew him. He was Christian. My colleague. But some part of me thought there was an ulterior motive behind his friendly but seemingly freaky manner.
Since i started the job, I've had this nagging feeling that I've met or at least seen him before in my life. But you know when people change over years and sometimes they can be recognisable and other times you can just walk by without ever noticing them? Well, i had the first feeling.
He was rather creepy in his manner though. I swallowed.
“What's wrong Rose? You're behaving rather shy today”
I sat facing the window, too scared to face forward. Afraid he might try something. I had no idea what he could try exactly, what with driving full throttle down the motorway, but I couldn't be too sure.
“Could you like, slow down maybe just a little?” I asked, and scrunching up my face as best i could so as not to scream, I said “please”.
He slowed, thankfully. But not before turning to me briefly and eyeing me curiously.
“Are you scared of me Rose? Y'know, I'm not some sort of secret vampire that's just gonna spring on you” he gave a slight laugh as he said that as though it was the most ridiculous thing in the world.
In my world, anything was possible. Of course my world was slightly bizarre. Being a police officer never was and neither was being a journalist, as I found out.
Dont get me wrong, i love finding out new things and being the first to report it, but it meant i could be anywhere when i could get a call to say i was needed on a scene. Christian just happened to be near me when i was called this time. I didn't drive, which was a handicap to say the least. I cursed myself for years wishing I'd taken my test when every other teenager did.
I had a few other 'problems' to deal with at that stage of my life. Like trying to decide how i was going to support funding for college and how i was going to explain to my mother that yes i really was going to date this guy who happened to be part of the Adams family. Well, he wasn't really. My family just thought he was rather...different in looks. Of course i thought he was an angel. Until he murdered one of my best friends. Jerk!

I tried to sound amused by his little comment.
“Vampire, right.” i gave a nervous laugh. Hopefully coming off as 'blasé' rather than 'totally terrified'. I quickly reached around to put on my seat-belt this late in the journey and put a weird semi-calm smile on my face. So much for safety. Mm i guess i forgot.
He gave me an odd look as if to say “she's crazy” but then looked back to the road. Finally!
“So where are we going exactly?” i managed to ask. I realised just then that i really shouldn't be afraid of Christian. Sure he was a character, an odd character at that, but he wasn't out to get me.
He was kinda pretty, if you liked the roughed up look. It was like he'd never even heard of the word 'grooming'. It amazed me how he kept his hair so bunched up: Hair so platinum blond and gelled yet had the appearance of the 'just awoken' look. For all i knew he could easily have just been sleeping when he found me. I laughed to myself in picturing him curled up on a bench somewhere in Springlake Shopping Centre, dreaming of roses – okay that was a pun 'not intended' – and suddenly getting woken up by our boss, Ronald. Ugh I hated that guy so much but he paid my bills and let me have time off even though he would give me hell about it when i got back, so i guess i couldn't complain – much.
Christian then looked at me out of the corner of his eye, almost scrutinising me, but then he smiled weakly. He had sort of a soft face, well looks wise anyway, its not like I go around touching his face at any time. He was pale, but then, most people were if you lived in England all year round. Unless you tanned easily, and went on holiday a lot – like me – then you really didn't get much chance to not be pale. As I looked closely – but not too closely as not to get him wondering – I could tell he'd been 'working out' to some extent. Wasn't going to go into detail but lets just say under that grey jumper was a body waiting to be seen. By someone else, of course. Not me.
“We are, I believe, here” he said matter of factly. Pointing to an old lighthouse not far from where we had parked, which edged a slight cliff surface towards the north sea.
I gasped out loud.
“Where are we?” I said incredulously. Taking in the full view of the sea and the seagulls flapping around like it was a fresh summer day in August. When in fact it was a harsh dull day in April.
'Dover.' he said. Just like it was some casual moment. I had never been to Dover before, and never in my life expected it to take hard any time at all to get here from Maidstone.
I knew he drove fast, but – wow.
'DOVER?! How in the world -?' I cut off. I did not even know what I was going to say, but soon I saw a bunch of people huddled around the lighthouse. Several camera crew were setting up and reporters stood there holding their microphones like trophies.
He shrugged and looked in my eyes. 'yeah i guess when boss says 'not far', he means quite a distance.' he laughed.
I undid my seat-belt and hopped out of the car, completely in awe of my surroundings. Christian was by my side in seconds, which i found weird.
We began strolling towards where the other reporters and camera crew stood hovering, next to the lighthouse. I went to a lady of about 30, who had a shiny microphone in one hand and a banana in the other, munching away. 'hey so, what's going on here?' i asked her.
She turns her head to me between bites and gives me the once over.
“Well...,” she pauses, “some dude jumped out of the lighthouse.” She sounded really casual. As if this happens everyday.
I walked back over to Christian, taking comfort in the fact that i knew him. He was leaning against some other persons car and kept on combing his hands through his hair like it was going out of fashion.
“So when's anything going to start?” i asked him. He seemed bemused for a second until i scowled and crossed my arms. I felt like kicking him, but I dont think that would have gone down well.
“As soon as we have the word. The word is everything you know.” He winks at me.
I leave him and walk over to that same lady again, I figure she might have more answers.
“Hey again,” I sigh, “so do you know when we start?”
She gives me the once over - or is it twice over? - and opens her mouth to answer, probably rudely, when she's cut off by someone yelling by the water.
“Look guys, i see something!” a guy, with a blue rainmack and black tracksuit trousers, lifts up a blue soggy boot from the waters edge. Someone gasped in the throng of reporters around him.
“its a boot” someone says. Well, talk about stating the obvious. I glance around the people and find Christian standing at the side. He seems really calm. I started making my way over to him again, but we all got called over to the main parking area where all the equipment was held.
“Okay people, we have the get go.” shouts a tall man wearing a black raincoat, holding up his big lug of a camera and facing it in a reporters face.
“Okay so where do i go?” I ask Christian, wondering why an intern like me is at a case like this.
He pats me on the shoulder and whispers in my ear, making the hairs on my neck go on end.
“You just look and learn. While I,” he pauses, rubs his hands together, then points to the same woman i first spoke to, “go help that young lady out over there.” he saunters over to her and i suddenly feel out of my depth.
“Don't worry. It's always daunting first time on the job.” a young guy with soggy blonde hair and wearing a tshirt and jeans, mutters to me from my left.
I gaze at him wonderingly.
“Why aren't you over there with the others?” i question, trying not to blush with how his blue eyes are strikingly beautiful. Out of the corner of my eye i see Christian eyeing me cautiously.
The man next to me sticks out his hand and i shake it. “My name's Aaron.” he says and smiles to show off straight white teeth.
I smile back and realising I'm still shaking his hand, let go and say, “Hey, um, I'm Rose.
We're both standing nearest the windmill watching all the reporters talking into their microphones and as much as I'm all interested, I'm finding myself drawn to Aaron. I get the same air of mystery as i do with Christian.
“How did you know it was my first time out on 'the job'?” i asked, while still looking at what was going on around me. Several other reporters were still hovering around as if they didn't know themselves where they should be. The only person actually reporting anything was the woman who i spoke to earlier. She was having make up touch-ups made to her cheeks by another girl.
Christian stood by the camera man watching what he was doing, but ever so often i caught him sneaking looks in my direction.
He bypassed my question, “So you work with Christian?”
I blinked, totally unsure of where that came from.
“Yeah. Why, do you know him?” i asked, although i guessed that since he mentioned him, that he did know him. I caught Christian scowling at me and but he looked at the ground when i looked back.
Aaron laughed lightly, “Yeah i know him. So are you from around here?”
I frowned, confused why he didn't seem to answer the question the way I hoped.
Before i had time to answer, i was being hauled off by Christian. I frowned at him and smiled apologetically at Aaron.
“Sorry Aaron, it was nice to meet you. See you around.”
Aaron just waved and went to where his co-workers were but kept on looking at me and Christian. Our conversation had been short, and i know i was distracted, but Aaron seemed to be the kind to keep things to himself. That much was obvious.

“So what did big shot want with you?” Christian asks, with a grin on his sculptured face that doesn't reach the eyes. It gives the impression of jealousy.
I look out the window a few seconds before replying. Watching the cars on the opposite side race along in the dim light of the evening.
“Who do you mean?” i question. He stares ahead, i cant tell if he's amused or pissed off. Or both.
“You know, that guy who couldn't take his eyes off you.” he answers bitterly.
I bite my lip to refrain from swearing at him.
“Oh you mean Aaron.” I respond sarcastically, “Do you know him?” I ask, eyebrows raised.
He pauses for a couple of minutes and i begin to think he's given up on the conversation.
We're half way back to Maidstone now and its now dark, so the lights outside look like glittering fireworks.
He sucks in a breath, “Yes, I know of him. Did he have much to say?” he asks, still not looking at me.
I lean against the door and look at him.
“What?” he says, briefly looking my way. I sigh heavily and turn back to the front.
“You seem put out that I was speaking to him, that's all. And for your information, no he didn't say much.”
We didn't say much else for a while. The peace was beautiful. We came to a halt at some traffic lights not far from my home.
I could see Christians face clearly now with the town lights. He seemed sort of, upset, but i couldn't understand why. It's not like we were that friendly.

“Why are you glaring at the road like you're trying to melt it?” I asked, amused.
He flinched and turned to me with a neutral expression. “What's your house number?”
I blinked. “45 Crescent Street. So, are you gonna answer my question or are you going to avoid it like every other question you've not answered? Seriously, you guys are weird.”
We pulled up to my home and i got out of the car. “Thanks for taking me home.” I called through his open window. Not that you had a choice, I thought to myself.
He drove off as soon as my back was turned. He really needs to work on his people skills.

The next day I walked into work to find Christian not there. It's not that I missed him exactly, it's more I felt like he was avoiding me. And I hadn't done anything wrong.
The day went smoothly, i had to write a report on what i had learned whilst at the scene yesterday. Not exactly rocket science.
I get back home, go straight to my bedroom and lie on my bed. My bedroom faces the front street, with a big enough window to open wide.
Naturally, i fall asleep.
And I dream. I'm lying on my bed reading a book by Emily Bronte . I get a knock on my window. It's Aaron. I don't know how he found where I live or why he would be here anyway.
I close my book and go over to the window but as soon as I begin to open the window for him, he changes. Suddenly he turns into Christian. I step back, scared. As soon as I turn around Aaron is in my room and is grabbing me by the throat, then pushing me on the bed. I wake up gasping. As if i really had been choking.
What was that? I never have dreams like that, especially not that vivid.