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Lover what compulses thee?

by  Lisbeth

Posted: Sunday, May 10, 2009
Word Count: 118

Lover, what compulses thee to write another
Name upon thy heart?
Flesh so raw with the attempt to conceal
To consume the memory, the guilt
Which here lies beneath the name engraved.
Attempt to conceal it lover
And it will remain,
Leave only your name upon the skin to fade.
To conquer and heal with worth, the wound
You cut that night.
This night:
Love with blood conserves the frail tissue
So fragile it bears your soul to skies, yet nameless it lies.
The threads remain tied.
For lover know I was so young
I could not know for whom I cared
For had this pride not held my tongue
By love this heart would now be spared.