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my lost brother

by  oskar

Posted: Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Word Count: 235

My Lost Brother

Cloudy October day I was walking home from
yet another funeral, my clan was dying out,
when told I had another brother, my fatherís son;
he no longer lived in our town but in the woods,
near the sea, where the north westerly blows.

The woods, trees that had been planted to protect
the upland from the wind, looked like an army
of defeated soldiers slowly marching home,
but in the woods, where his cabin was, I sensed
an eerie stillness and no birds flew or sat in trees.

Knocked on his door- it opened- yes, he was my
brother ok, a bit weedy I thought and it was long
time since he had smiled and he wasnít going to
now. Told him who I was and if there was anything
he needed. No, he was fine needed nothing.

Since he wasnít going to invite me in I invited him
out for lunch, No, he wasnít well. Gave him a slip
of paper with my address and phone number, told
him to call me at anytime, I was getting annoyed
too his dog never stopped growling at me.

Walked to my car turned and looked he had gone
in, but the curtains moved he was standing there
watching me drive off. Poor man, my brother,
immense his animosity. On soft ground, amongst
fallen leaves, my piece of paper soaked up his tears.