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Two little boys

by  Sam Rix

Posted: Wednesday, November 05, 2003
Word Count: 98
Summary: My two little boys playing in the snow

Two little boys

Runny nose, constant sniffles,
Dewdrops saved for the cuff.
Wet hair, cold ears,
Hats thrown off in wild abandon.
Red cheeks, beetroot smiles,
Frosty faces peak from scarves.

Muffled squeals, braying laughter,
Falling down and rolling over.
Cold hands, freezing fingers
Gloves are wet from gathering white cinders.
Numb toes, bright wellies,
Tracks for miles in regular spaces.

Time for home,
We trudge like snow soldiers.
Hot breath, poised in air,
Evaporating on the flurry.
Big coarse hands, warming skin,
Warming the little souls within.

My two little boys playing in the snow

Sam Rix