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The Super Biscuit

by  kate tym

Posted: Monday, March 23, 2009
Word Count: 151
Summary: A poem about something my husband and I did together in our kitchen...

The Super Biscuit

Wilbur and me invented a Super Biscuit
We manufactured it in our kitchen
We took a mint-chocolate Matchmaker
And stuffed it inside a Marks and Spencer melt-in-the-mouth biscuit curl
It was a biscuit, but not as we know it
It was Super Biscuit
We bit through the golden shell of the biscuit curl
Into the velvety smoothness of the minty choc
Our biscuit rocked
We felt elated
We rated our biscuit above all others
We were brothers in biscuity arms
We had created a Super Biscuit
Later, on the couch, we argued over who had eaten all the Cheesy Wotsits
I pointed out our Super Biscuit collaboration of earlier in the day
Wilbur relented
Our relationship cemented by the Super Biscuit
We created and ate several more in celebration
Our elation reinvigorated
We were smug inventors of the Super Biscuit
And we felt slightly sick

ŠKate Tym 2009