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The Fear

by  THS

Posted: Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Word Count: 238
Summary: Hi. This is one of the first rhyming poems I have written as have recently joined a writing class! Hoping to start writing fiction soon but enjoying Poetry at the moment. Any feedback welcome :o)

Darkness closes and the moon shines bright,
yet I know I will not sleep tonight.
For Fear is with me when the Luna has bloomed,of
stories told, of stories groomed.

The Night she cloaks her prey at last
and the dead walk free, no regards for class
but the night I know has somehow changed, and
secret glances look deranged.

My mind is fearful of that unknown
as the seeds of life have not yet grown.
With lips a whispering their prayer to God and
a determined head begins to nod.

Then suddenly awakened by a venemous laugh,
Heart a Beating way too fast.
Covers are drawn in the hope of escape,
but the mists of time start to infiltrate.

They shake your body from heaven to hell
and of all warnings told, I know this well.
For tonight is the night when no-one dares breath,
to avoid being chosen on 'All Hallows Eve'.

Nightmares abandoned, for this is no dream.
To discover the future, revealing a scream.
Bones of the living, in their world delight
at tearing down barriers and causing much fright.

Take head of my words for the truth they do speak
and watching advance turns your knees strong to weak.
So beware when they near and their knock brings you dread.
Prepare to remember, what I have said.

But if weakness of Will, causes defeat,
when given the choice,
Pray do choose the TREAT.