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Devil Heart

by  samanthagard1

Posted: Sunday, January 25, 2009
Word Count: 364
Summary: Beginning of my historical drama set during 1648 British Civil War

Ireland 1634

The sickly woman shivered with cold, her eyes fixated upon the candle, eager with anticipation for the flicker that would signal the door was opening. She dreamed of her children, welcoming them in her arms, but with every moment the candle was devoured so was her emaciated body. She heard the priest reciting the last rites beside her and wished he would pray for her true salvation, her children. Each moment that went by she knew her candle was being extinguished, along with her hopes. She curled her long raven hair wound her finger remembering how her hair had captured the hearts of men, when now all her husband do was glance in pity at her once beautiful face.

A beacon of light appeared from under the door which alerted her that they were coming in. She glanced at her bony hands and could not imagine how she would appear to our children, for she was sure it was them approaching .

A young girl peered into the gloomy interior, long flame red hair setting the suffocating room ablaze. “Elizabeth”, a voice from the darkness spoke as if it was a benediction. Elizabeth tried to find the owner, knowing that within this room her mother lay. She felt the hungry stare of the creature as entered the room as it lay on the bed, with its bony arms reaching out towards her. To seven year old Elizabeth, all she could see was a demon, her heart beating so fast that she was sure the noise would drown out the priest. She felt the pressure of the priest's hand pushing her forward, towards the demon she called mother.

"Come child, there is nothing to fear. It is your mother’s last wish”, the priest said.

The closer Elizabeth got to the creature lying on the bed its feverish eyes burned into Elizabeth’s soul. She pushed against the priest, panicking, as they moved near towards the creature's ravished face.
“You're not my mother!” Elizabeth screamed as she ran from the room. “Elizabeth, please!” She heard her mother cry out as the door slammed.


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