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2 poems: "Fate" and "Growing Pains"

by  Emily Lockhart

Posted: Sunday, December 7, 2008
Word Count: 163


Shadows shroud her resting place;
A cruel wind breathes over her,
Chilling her heart, numbing her mind.
He hasnít come.
Each moment slips by, irretrievable.
Her eyes are watering,
Her hands red and chapped,
The hands of a worker;
She has worked for far too long.
Hope flickers and dies.
She leaves,
Shadows deepening behind her;
Never noticing the boy
With his cap pulled low,
Never seeing how he hurries,
Never looking back.

Growing Pains

The strong independence succumbs to the little girl,
Lost without her motherís protection;
A girl overwhelmed
And sometimes guiltily excited
By the wide world opening its jaws.
A little figure,
One miniscule grain of sand
In this impenetrable, never-ending desert.
I search and find delight of a kind
Until my heart yearns again
For the security only to be found in one pair of arms Ė
The only arms I trust to hold me up
And save me
From the demons snapping at my heels.