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Where`s My Bone?

by  Sweetmotherpie

Posted: Thursday, July 17, 2008
Word Count: 415
Summary: About a dog who has lost his bone and goes on a search for it!

One day, little Tommy the terrier ran to the park to dig up his bone.

“I want my bone!” he said as he ran.

But when he got there, he found it had disappeared!

“Where’s my bone?” said Tommy.

Tommy ran off to the bushes to get his bone.

When he got there, he saw Loud Larry the Labrador sniffing at the ground!

“WHERE’S MY BONE!” barked Tommy.

“I haven’t got it!” Larry boomed, “I bet that Roy the rover has! I saw him by the park

bench looking suspicious!”

So Tommy and Roy set off to the park bench.

They jumped over feet, zoomed through legs, ran into a picnic, chased after ducks,

and dodged an ice cream van before they finally reached the park bench.

They heard a CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP underneath the bench. There was Roy the Rover!

“WHERE’S MY BONE!” barked Tommy.

“I haven’t got it!” chomped Roy, “This is my toy!”

Poor old Tommy sighed. Where on earth was his bone?

Roy, Larry, and Tommy all made there way up Dappler’s Hill to look for Tommy’s

bone in the trees, when they heard a CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP coming from a bush

“What’s that?” Tommy said.

They went to the tree to find out where the noise was coming from.

Where’s my bone/Sade Anthony 2

The sound became louder and louder and louder till Tommy pushed a bush away and saw….


Ollie the collie gasped and got up to run.

“GIVE ME MY BONE!” yelled Tommy.

“NEVER!” Ollie yelled back, speeding down the hill with a great big bone in his


Roy, Larry and Tommy all began to chase Ollie the collie all the way down the steep

steep hill. He was going to the pond!

“Stop running and give me my bone!” Tommy shouted.

“NO!” Ollie shouted back.

The pond had got closer and closer and closer then suddenly…

SPLASH!!!!! All four of dogs fell into the muddy old pond.

“Where’s Ollie?” Tommy spluttered as horrible green slime hung on his lip.

The three dogs looked all around them, but Ollie was nowhere to be seen.

With no idea where his juicy big bone had gone, a very sad Tommy returned home.

As he sat on his dog bed, he felt a lump underneath him.

“What’s this?” Tommy asked.

He pushed his bed over and looked underneath….

There, in all its glory, was big brand new bone!

Tommy had hidden more than one!