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Stephen`s War


Posted: Sunday, October 19, 2003
Word Count: 149
Summary: Having being brought up as a child within an RAF environment, I have seen and experienced the impact of war. The war in Iraq brought back many memories, and here it is reflected through the eyes of a child

Stephen's War

Can I stay up and watch the war Daddy?
The boys have been talking at school
Of bombs and guns and tanks, Daddy
And soldiers fighting too

Stephen's Mum says he can't watch the war Daddy
Its not very nice his Mum says
To see soldiers with bombs, guns and tanks, Daddy
In a desert in a land far away

Stephen wasn't at school today, Daddy
Miss said he'd be staying away
His Father, was killed in the war, Daddy
Fighting soldiers in the desert yesterday

The boys didn't play war games today, Daddy
The playground was quiet all day
And we went to the school hall to pray, Daddy
For Stephen's Daddy who died yesterday

I don't want to watch the war Daddy
I don't want to play war games again
I don't want to see people cry, Daddy
I don't want to feel Stephen's pain