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I want...

by  Ellenna

Posted: Friday, October 17, 2003
Word Count: 219
Summary: For a dear friend...

I want my heart to leap out and enfold you
unite with the power that is your's
the smile in our eyes and the spark in our soul
pouring love on our personal wars

I want thoughts of silver
to thread in a cobweb on a sun filled dewdrop morn
or a string of stars in the velvet night
to form pearls for the greying dawn

I want to dance in an ancient circle
invoking a paradigm
I want to create a spell to enhance
and capture the essence of unbroken time

I want to let go the chains of my ego
accept my small part in the Plan
I want to stride across sand at sunset
and know I have finally come home

I want to find my piece in the jigsaw
of which I'm an intrinsic part
with no more importance than that of my neighbours
I'd embrace this with all of my heart

I want to share all the good that I feel
with the love that I share with you
both of us drawing on all our resources
to create something whole out of two

I want to step out of my safety zone
and drink from freedoms font
but most of all in achieving these aims
I have to stop saying ... I want