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by  maddaniel

Posted: Friday, April 18, 2008
Word Count: 126
Summary: The guy this is about is a true legend!


Orville, Pile of feathers discarded on the floor
I don’t need you, I never have………sure
It’ll take me a while to adjust but you’re
Only a small chapter in my life story

Comedy shows, heckles and crows but more
Of this is what I want independence a cure
To a life of this and that you and yours
No double act from here for sure,
Cliché stardom for the poor

The first interview on my own today and ‘cor
It’s strange but for the better and ‘phwor
I look ace without the mess that your
Hideous greenly face had caused

But still I have to start from scratch back to the top, claw
Just don’t dare discuss that disastrous bird it’ll snap my final straw!