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reflective soul

by  soullight

Posted: Saturday, March 29, 2008
Word Count: 747
Summary: I would like some constructive direction on this paticular piece of work. This is not the full product thankyou greatly!

I will continue in my quest to ascertain a deeper understanding in relation to the nature of existence, and assiduously mine and acquire wisdom pertinent to manipulating physical reality in order to engender salubrious opportunities that promote further growth and expansion. All sentient beings have an innate compulsion to reach the pinnacle of their potential. It is genetically written into our DNA. Therefore, we should sedulously forge an alliance with our feelings and also learn to strictly adhere to their guidance.

This inner force is the centre piece that reveals the condition and conflictions of the heart.
If we harbor correct perceptions, concerning any one creational design, we will feel a profound sense of euphoria; on the other hand, if we aspire to manifest something into reality without first forming thoughtful insights into how to successfully bring our inspirational desire to fruition, naturally, we will feel like something is broken.

Many individuals make impetuous choices in the playground of ignorance and never learn how to further enhance their experience of existence. In fact many wonder why life does not flow in their favor. These individuals never seem to be able to find a solution to their problem and consequently live their lives traveling from one drama to another. Some people are caught and tangled in a reticulate web of ignorance, which precludes them from clearly perceiving the un cultured areas in their lives, which is causing major disruption to their equilibrium.

We should always survey our emotional state to determine how we feel about something. If we are feeling a confliction of interests, we should ask the question why? What is this confliction and what can I do to restore balance? Sometimes when we are presented with two options; both equally enticing, we can feel an inner pressure of struggle, because naturally we desire the highest stimulation of happiness and when the mantle of responsibility weighs down on our shoulder to choose wisely, we can feel a little anxiety. What is this anxiety? It is fear of losing an opportunity that could be more rewarding and more beneficial than the one we are choosing. But once we have crossed over the line to experience our choice sometimes there is no turning back. The reason being is that the other choice presented a set of agreements, an arrangement with physical reality and now these do no longer exist.

It could be that the risk is now far greater to our financial stability or maybe we now have a secure disposition and are not willing to do anything that would cause emotional disharmony. It could be that others have made choices and so consequently have created an attractive opportunity to make a large amount of money.
Everything is constantly moving; nothing stands still. Interests fade to nothing, new interests are formed, choices are made and new experiences are conceived. Everyone contributes to the flowing evolution of life.

Our creations are assembled through a combination of the physical, emotional, visual and sound, which are then interpreted by our self-created human nature to help engender our chosen experience. This creates an ability to manipulate the world around us to form an individual and collective reality whereby we can define our individually. Our self created human-nature begins at conception as a fundamental instinctive impulse where we are in a total reliant dependency upon our bearing mother for nutrients, as we develop in the womb we grow aware of movement and vibrations of sound. Though we can not control our body parts or interpret what we are hearing we have an unformed awareness of self existence. When we are unpleasantly pushed forth into the world by our mother from the safety of our soft, watery womb, our first physical sensation is air against our skin and hands aiding our birth, and our first sight is a blurry vision we have of movement, lights and sound is also more intensified. We are then wrapped in a swaddle and placed in the comforting arms of our mother. Here we develop a simple awareness of feeling and can differentiate the basic difference between being close to our mother and being put down. Her arms induce feelings of safety, but because we are now in a unfamiliar place
Surrounded by unfamiliar smells sounds and movements we could also feel a helpless vulnerable anxiety. This is one of the reasons why when a baby is put down it screams.
As we grew use to trusting our new environment