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by  libera

Posted: Friday, October 10, 2003
Word Count: 211
Summary: Words written for couple getting married

Copyright Anita Ibru


Marriage marks the beginning of a new life,

But not the end of your old one.

It is an onward journey

Not a final destination.

Marriage is about closeness

But learn to give each other space.

For Marriage creates an 'us',

And should not lose sight of the 'me'.

Marriage gives you someone to depend on,

But don't lose your own independence.

It is about being yourself

Its you he, she chose, not someone else!

Marriage may lead to parenthood,

But try and retain your own youth and innocence.

Marriage is about growing up

Not growing old!

Marriage is about giving,

But never be afraid to ask.

It is also about having to share,

But it does not mean having less.

Marriage is big decision,

Not a tiring obligation.

And it is a challenge,

Not a burden.

Marriage brings with it some rules

But don't rule out your creativity.

Live on together and take each day

As a blessing for which we will all pray.

These words for you my friends, are of advice.

To inspire and encourage you to find in your hearts

All the happiness that is possible in your union.

Not only on this fine day,

But forever, until death makes you part.