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Scanners Attending

by  Victor Gente Delespejo

Posted: Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Word Count: 195

First in the field of vision
Comes the line that instigates division…
The One and Only is carved
Into a composite, a compound, an intersected complex,
And the unified assumes variety,
Bringing to life the aspects of the world
That we have come to easily identify…
And meaning is born, out of everything,
Out of a once continuous form,
Tingling like sparkles in a dim field of dew,
Dissolving into hues out of a white ray of light,
Resting into ports on an endless river of soul,
Tending to the weary travelers that
Rise above the incognito and make their mark by being alive,
By just being alive and breathing and moving through the intricate storm…
First comes division in the field of a person’s vision,
First comes division, and then comes revision…
But that’s a whole other journey
And a different process altogether,
So bear with the starters for a little while,
Just until our mind can deal with all that it has been bequeathed;
Or have things not been adequately resolved
To make any sense, any sense at all?...
Like we said, first comes division, then comes revision, then comes the qualifying rest…