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Ups and Downs

by  Ambitions of Lisa

Posted: Monday, November 12, 2007
Word Count: 136

How can one day be so beautiful,
and the next be so dreary?
I speak not of the sun highlighting the wonder of nature,
nor of grey clouds and dull drizzle,
but of you, of me, of us

How can it feel so warm one moment,
and icy cold the next?
Our togetherness was once so hot, untouchable,
and suddenly turned frosty, biting
as I step back, withdraw

Mornings were vibrant as I looked ahead.
Tomorrow I will awake, wilted!
Turning from a lovely golden Autumn leaf,
to a dead wintery leaf that falls apart so easily
after falling so far

If I were a crayon, what colour would I be?
Yesterday I was red, passionate, today grey, discarded,
once bringing colour and brightness
and now uncertain of my place in your picture
feeling your rejection