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Cross the Lines

by  Victor Gente Delespejo

Posted: Thursday, October 25, 2007
Word Count: 166

Hi y'all, I do declare
That I am lonely and despaired,
Uh-oh, despaired is not a proper word
And now I'm feeling even worse

Not only have I made a mess
Of adjective and noun and verb,
But I have also screwed the rhyme
And nothing seems to be alright

I must admit that I confess
That I have lost my rhyming verse
So when I tell you that I'm buggered
Please excuse my grammar staggered

Nonsense is a way to speak,
To make no sense of making sense,
And so it is with great delight
That I am dribbling out of tense

As you can see, I do declare
That I no longer am despaired,
I have reclaimed my song and smile
And feel at ease with my own style

I hope you have enjoyed my lines
And wish you all a splendid time
Perhaps we'll meet again sometime
So you can speak between the lines

Bye y'all, and don't forget to speak your minds...