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People of Earth

by  radavies1uk

Posted: Tuesday, June 5, 2007
Word Count: 152
Summary: This was initially a sketched out abstract, but refined a little and I'm hoping it encapsulates enough to be a story in-itself. What do you guys think?

We apologise for interrupting this broadcast. This is an urgent announcement from the Earth Commission.

*crackling audio only*

People of Earth, I come with grave news.

The world as you know it has changed. A new dawn has come upon our globe. *crackle*. We have surrendered to a fleet of space-ships that have encircled earth and demanded our destruction. We have *crackle* and *crackle* mutual agreement.
We will all be removed from this world and relocated to a duplicate *crackle*, we may continue to live in peace. Do not be afraid. It will appear to happen instantaneously, we do not know how but we have no *crackle* choice. *pause* my men tell me it's done. It's done, how is it done, are you sure? *crackle*. I'm asking of all humans to tell no-one of this, our future generations can never know. We will investigate. Tell no-one.


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