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Objective Justice

by  Felmagre

Posted: Sunday, September 28, 2003
Word Count: 156
Summary: For some time now our justice system appears to give 'hearsay' and 'gossip' the same legal status as hard evidence. Doing this can open the doors for sadistic vengeful people to 'get even' for what ever reason. If we continue to tread this road then who knows where it will end. Surely evidence should still be vital to convict. Value some feedback on this as I know it is not an easy subject to write about, but then are we not in some way meant to be the voice of reason?

Sexual crimes are nasty things;
emotive and traumatic,
so justice, the rule of law....
not spite or vengeance,
needs to be ensured.
No justice systems safe,
if objectivity is lost.

I hear and understand your fears
that he'll harm some other child
but justice not Megan or Sarah's law
is needed; to protect the innocent
whilst punishing those guilty.

Emotion generates bad laws
convicting men of child abuse.
Without real evidence or prove,
for childhood tales....
may or may not be true.

Branding someone a paedophile
is bad enough if true
but think about the consequence
if based upon a lie.
You've labelled them, their families
so lives are lost and reputations ruined.

Yes, speaking out for justice
is costly in this climate
then history's rife with witch-hunts
as otherness fuels the flames
we'll share their fate, I know
if we dare to speak for them
no wonder we stand silent.
Which is the bigger crime?