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by  azsacra 1

Posted: Saturday, February 17, 2007
Word Count: 331
Summary: a haiku by AZsacra ZARATHUSTRA English translation by Aidar Ismagilov


a haiku
English translation by Aidar Ismagilov

revenge the Beauty
for every Hurricane,
killed with Roses!

only in death of
the beautiful doe —
the wolf is splendor.

from hard snowfall
fell down the bough —
the butterfly awoke!

vanishes in a sunbeam
to show up again
the grasshopper.

the cicada
in the grass that burns
the rain won’t find.

four cuts!
the worm is longing to
four ways.

the panther
leaps at… the rustle
of dead bees.

in running tear
the eyelash finds it’s

petals are vanished —
the rain brims over!
vanished the flower.

cut! hack up!
the flight of butterfly…

of caressing bumblebees
the rose broke.

no one can
subdue: the leap
in abyss!

no one took notice:
the bee fell down in
the spring stream.

only instant of killing —
for praying she-mantis
is revolution.

killed and piled in stack.
by lonely eagle-owe.
lonely mice.

for melting snowflake —
the child’s tear —
is a perversion.

how convulsive
is the paw when caught by you —
the trap for wolves.

the bough is broken,
thrown in dirt —
all of a sudden… is rimed!

how perceivable
is snail when crawling
the edge of the blade.

the hoarfrost
whitened the web —
it’s broken!

how eager is
the wind to lynch
the rose!

broke away from the trap:
no nirvana for the paw
that was left!

the blood on the snow…
intensifies the purity of

withstands to all
the raging wolf —
I am with you!

the leap of flower
at the bamboo well
suddenly deafened!

all have flown away…
only the battle of specks of dust
inside the flower is left.

the bliss of the bloom!
the bees cannot crucify
the moth.

the beautiful butterfly
instead of taking part in orgy is in
is in the ant-hill!

in the soft navel of
the bee… the tender
horns of the snail rested

can you revive
tomorrow,the dead