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The Queen of New Orleans

by  rickyjimmyjoeroe

Posted: Friday, January 26, 2007
Word Count: 1240
Summary: Full Synopsis of the Musical


Act One
The Queen Of New Orleans- A jazz bar in Pirates Alley, in the heart of New Orleans French Quarter run by Bernadette Broussard (Queen B) and her daughter Nancy. Guests begin to fill the bar.
The Queen of New Orleans.
Nancy Broussard is on a small stage singing to a jazz band Loving is Easy (In the Big Easy). As the night moves on newcomers Tommy O’Hanlon and Jack O’Donnell arrive at the bar closely followed by Mae Harper Arrivals. Mae, a runaway, explains that she was directed there by a woman she met at the train station- Millie Monroe, a former employee who left without warning but with the bar’s takings. As the night is in full flow the place is brought to a standstill with the arrival of Millie, The Amazing Millie Monroe. With some fast talking Millie finally wins back her place working at the bar and is left to clear up after closing time. She is swiftly joined by Charlie Scott; her criminal boyfriend who was behind the original theft and whom she had claimed had been killed in a gun fight. Pulling The Wool.

The following morning Inspector Frank Newlin arrives asking for Queen B. They quarrel about the legitimacy of the bar and he searches the bar looking for contraband alcohol and tobacco, finding nothing he cautions her and leaves. That History’s Forgotten.

Later that evening Tommy and Billie walk the streets after their dinner; when they reach Billie’s apartment Billie makes it clear that it is not she, but Nancy who has her sights on Tommy who then heads back to the bar alone. The Spires Of Jackson Square.

Returning to the bar where Jack and Mae have been getting to know each other Tommy is left alone with Nancy and they spend the night getting to know each other. There Was A Time.

The next day Frank once again interrogates Queen B. She implores him to leave her alone, when Nancy intervenes Frank dismisses her as a cheap whore; Tommy steps in but is rebuked. Queen B sends both Tommy and Nancy from the room. After a further exchange of words Frank finally leaves. That History’s Forgotten (reprise).

It is three weeks later and Thanks Giving. As Billie and Nancy gossip over Jack and Mae’s relationship, Millie is again met by Charlie who is pushing her to steal money from the bar. Now settled she puts him off encouraging him that it would be worth his while to wait until Mardi Gras. Pulling The Wool (Reprise). He finally agrees and disappears. Cuckoo Girl.

A month later the group are gathered in The Queen of New Orleans to celebrate Christmas. Following the celebrations Frank appears and begins to argue with Queen B. in the course of the argument it is revealed that they had an illicit relationship 19 years ago which Queen B abruptly ended. Although she tries to make amends for her wrong doing Frank will not listen. Strong Enough/Too Late For Goodbye. Frank attempts to leave but Queen B begs him to stay and hear her out. Don’t leave me now/ I’m No Fool. Nancy enters after hearing the argument and, in the heat of the moment, discovers Frank is her father, she flees the bar; Frank follows. Now alone Queen B regroups her senses and her strength. Be All And End All.

Queen B contemplates how she will make amends; elsewhere in the city Nancy agrees to travel to Ponca City, Oklahoma to visit Frank’s parents. Jack and Tommy contemplate leaving New Orleans and Millie wonders if she is out of her depth with Charlie while, although happy with her relationship with Tommy, Mae frets over a dark secret she harbours. Act One Finale- Riverfolw

Act Two:
Two months later; Mardi Gras.
Mardi Gras (The Glory Day)
Tommy and Jack are still in New Orleans. Queen B talks to Frank about Nancy who explains that Nancy is fine, having a great time and being educated; B agrees that this is probably for the best. Millie and Charlie have a clandestine meeting in the shadows where he warns her that if she double crosses him she will pay for it with her life. Voodoo.

In The Queen of New Orleans Mardi Gras celebrations are in full swing. Sing It (The King Of Old Creole). The night is full of cheer and celebration when Frank enters with news for Queen B. He tells her that Nancy has been killed in a horse riding accident. Tommy exits swiftly. Queen B is taken out of the bar by Billie, Jack and Mae exit and the bar closes. Millie is alone. Pulling The Wool (Reprise II).

In the courtyard behind the bar Jack confesses his guilt over his brothers accidental death while Mae finally confesses that she is a runaway who killed her husband after finding him with another woman. Faded Photograph. Jack is relatively unmoved by her story and stands by her.

Later that night Tommy walks by the river remembering Nancy. When You Love Someone.

At Frank’s parents ranch in Ponca City we learn that Nancy is alive and well. Frank visits Nancy to further his plan to separate Queen B and Nancy forever telling her that B is dead. As Frank leaves to get some water Nancy sees a newspaper seeing a story saying SHE has been killed. With this Nancy flees the ranch and heads back to New Orleans.

Billie, Millie, Mae, B, and the girls prepare the Queen Of New Orleans Good Time Girls, Frank enters looking troubled, though B asks what is wrong Frank says nothing and leaves in a hurry. Meanwhile Charlie moves in the shadow and grabs Millie who finally stands up to him saying she will not help him, at this he grabs Mae instead and pulls a gun putting it to her head, ordering Queen B to give him the money from the bar. As Charlie demands the money Nancy enters. Charlie is distracted and Jack wrestles him to the ground, a shot is fired, Nancy falls to the ground, another shot is fired and Charlie is dead – shot by Millie’s hand. Tommy takes the gun from Millie and runs out towards Bourbon Street and Frank’s office. Bourbon Street At Midnight.

Tommy confronts Frank explaining that Nancy is dead. Frank announces he is leaving for Chicago. Tommy leaves and heads back to the Queen Of New Orleans. A distraught and ashamed Frank climbs the bridge over the Mississippi River. Absolution/Louisiana Requiem. He shoots himself and falls into the swirling river below.

Back at the bar Tommy finds that Nancy was not shot but that she fainted. The doctor also tells them that Nancy is 3 months pregnant. Tommy pledges his love to her. Millie apologises to Queen B who accepts the apology. Jack announces that Mae is going with him to New York while Tommy says he is staying in New Orleans to be with Nancy. Although Millie is asked to stay she states her intention to move to Los Angeles. New York/ LA.

Jack and Mae leave for New York, Millie for Los Angeles. Frank’s replacement, Nick Smolanski, arrives at the station. The friends, and Nick, who has taken a particular interest in Billie Sugar, head back to The Queen Of New Orleans. Some Kind Of Yesterday/Some Kind Of Tomorrow - The Queen Of New Orleans

End of Act Two